We Buy Litigation and Arbitration Claims

We Buy Litigation and Arbitration Claims

We purchase litigation and arbitration claims from both solvent and insolvent companies. We pursue these claims with the same high level of commitment, efficiency and integrity as any other dispute we manage.

Purchasing claims from Insolvent Companies

We have strong relationships with a number of Insolvency Practitioners and work together with them to realise additional value for creditors. Our team has practised in the area of insolvency and restructuring for two decades and has advised clients on smaller regional insolvencies, through to some of the largest corporate collapses in Europe and the United States. When we buy a claim, creditors receive value for which they would otherwise be deprived if the claim were not pursued.

Purchasing Claims from Solvent Companies

We buy claims from solvent companies so that management can focus its time and energy elsewhere, such as on growing the business. When we buy a claim, the seller receives value for it, without having to incur legal costs, or risk having to pay the costs of the other side. Litigation claims are like any other asset and have a value that should be realised for the benefit of the business.

Companies sell claims to us because:

  • We conduct litigation claims professionally and with integrity.
  • The seller does not have to pay legal fees to release value from the claim.
  • We fight claims hard.
  • We allocate the best team we can to the case.
  • It is in our interests to pursue claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Our focus is on extracting value from the claim, not generating legal fees.