Corporate Affairs and Crisis Management

Corporate Affairs and Crisis Management

The first 24 hours of a crisis is often the most critical

We offer a unique perspective on corporate affairs and crisis management. Consistent with the philosophy of the firm, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to a crisis that minimises the risk of an issue being missed or poorly managed.

Our strong international transactional, commercial advisory and litigation experience means we manage a crisis with an understanding of all the commercial, operational and litigation risks. We advise clients throughout the world and across a range of sectors.

During a crisis, we work with our client organisation as part of the team rather than as external advisers so that our advice is relevant and delivered in real time.

Although every situation and client is different, we often advise clients adopt the following approach:

  • Establish a small, efficient and experienced committee to take decisions. The membership of the committee must have practical experience of managing and containing operational and legal issues.
  • Utilise expertise and knowledge at all levels of the orginisation, rather than deferring to so called external experts.
  • Challenge external advice.
  • Not to manage litigation risk so that it causes long term damage to the company’s reputation and the relationships with its customers, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Engage with regulatory, commercial, political and financial stakeholders at an early stage.
  • Whenever possible, identify opportunities arising from the crisis to enhance the business instead of merely surviving the crisis.