Dispute Strategy & Resolution

Dispute Strategy & Resolution

 We combine leadership, creativity and steely determination.

“Winning a court case is not determined by how many documents are reviewed or the number of letters written to the other side, but by clarity of thought and taking determined action based on exceptional judgment.” 

– Matthew Carey, FW Dispute Strategy & Resolution Group


New Ideas, Clearly Communicated.

We have advised clients in a number of the most serious and complex domestic and international conflicts and litigation. We offer a completely different, but complimentary service to that offered by international law firms and other advisers. We work with our client’s to devise a comprehensive legal, commercial and winning strategy, then rigourously implement it. Clients notice our clarity of thought and demanding approach to efficiency. We are a commercial advisory firm, not a law firm, which allows us to use our legal knowledge and experience differently.

Competitive Advantage in Difficult Situations

Often the strategy developed by a client’s legal team is limited to evaluating technical legal points, entering into voluminous correspondence, reviewing masses of documentation and navigating the case through the court’s civil procedure. These are minimum requirements and are no different to the steps undertaken by the lawyers acting for the opposition. Our clients engage us because they want a competitive advantage obtained through creativity, commercial acumen, determination and courage.

Our Approach to Disputes & Investigations

While lawyers consider the legal issues, we focus on the following (from the perspective of our clients and their opposition):

  • Commercial & legal strategy.
  • Evaluation of legal arguments in the wider context of the dispute.
  • Opportunity (including opportunity cost).
  • Personal considerations that affect outcomes.
  • Market factors.
  • Political capital & positioning.
  • Reputational issues and pressures.
  • Alternative financial & commercial outcomes.
  • Risk and risk transfer.

Our services:

  • Legal & Commercial Positioning.
  • Case Evaluation & Strategy.
  • Disputes & Investigations Management & Coordination.
  • Dispute Exit Strategies.
  • Negotiation and Client Advocacy.
  • Specialist Mediation Advocacy.
  • Costs Management Initiatives.

Our Specialist Areas:

  • Bribery & Corruption
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Shareholder Disputes